Saturday, December 27, 2008

The space between Xmas and New Year's

It's now the weekend after Christmas and I am really happy because it's such a long weekend off work. But then again, I've never been more bored in my life. I've been talking to the most amazing man in the world over the internet, but he's out of town to visit his family, so I really have nothing to do other than watch movies, read, cry, clean, and eat. God, I'm pathetic. Help me now.

Anyway, in all this boredom and misery I still got out of the house today and went to the farmer's market and got a few great things. I bought some Indian samosas with cilantro chutney, fruits and veg, and a loaf of sourdough baguette that I devoured in like 5 hours. Help me now.

I got around to make a Chickpea Salad that I've been spying in "Vegan A Go Go" by Sarah Kramer. It's super simple, and as I've been extremely lazy with cooking lately, it was an easy choice.

Chickpea Salad from "Vegan A Go Go", steamed green beans, and sourdough baguette:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm A Garlic Whore

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Miraculous Tofu Loaf

I know I know. Tofu sounds gross. And the word loaf sounds pretty nasty too. But let me assure you that when you put these too words together they can make a beautiful team. I made the Tip-top tofu loaf recipe from "Vegan A Go Go" by the lovely Sarah Kramer. It's soooo good although the texture comes out a big soft and crumbly. The taste is amazing though. Savory, tangy, exciting! I also made the Cumin Fried Potates from Vegan A Go Go. Seriously, you have to get this book! It's awesome. The food is good, the recipes are easy, and the ingredients are pretty easy to find.

Tip Top Tofu Loaf and Cumin Fried Potatoes:

Gosh it's been a while

WOW! It's been soooo long since I last posted. People have asked me if I stopped being vegan and that's why I haven't posted. That is ridiculous. Vegan for life, baby!! I'm planning on starting to post again, though probably not as frequently as before (every two days or so).

Let me give you a rundown of a couple things I've eaten or made since I last posted:

Vietnamese Crepe:

I got this savory crepe from a local Vietnamese Vegetarian restaurant. I usually go there about once a week when I forget to make something for lunch at work. This crepe was filled with so many plants! But mostly bean sprouts which was a little odd. It came in plastic, not styrofoam, so I was able to recycle it. Can I get a "hell yeah" for the Earth?!

Cucumber Radish Salad:

Damn, I made this awhile ago but it's basically a Japanese cucumber-radish salad. I marinated the veggies with tamari, ginger, garlic, and a bit of sesame oil, then topped with sesame seeds. Pretty good but I was burping radish flavor for a few hours afterward.

Seitan Tikka Masala:

When I was a meat eater one of my fave dishes was chicken tikka masala. I was eager to find something similar that I could make with vegan ingredients when I came upon a recipe for this sweet deal. It's not exactly the same as the old tikka but it's become one of my favorite dishes now. Did I mention I love seitan?