Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beef Recall!

There is a massive beef recall in the United States, actually the largest recall in history. 143 million pounds of beef is being recalled.

This latest undercover investigation by the Humane Society of America is not anything new. Investigations by PETA have been going undercover for years but since the news corporations and government deny PETA credibility because of ties to the ALO (Animal Liberation Organization) they don't show all of the other companies' practices that have gone on to sell sick and diseased meat and dairy to unwitting consumers.

These practices happen way too often and more than half of the meat supply in the USA is contaminated by harmful bacteria (that's why you must cook your food to kill harmful bacteria.)

Need I say more.

Link (copy and paste in URL):;_ylt=AumqQeYioIQDYJ8enAd.30ys0NUE

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junomike said...

Hi kyle!! im juno... i think u already know who m i... i very impressive with u... i also know this news from kimberly w... i dunno what can i say, but i just feel realy lucky cos im one of vegan member n having no chance to be facing this kind of problem... i will keep follow this kind of news, n i hope u can email to me if u have... nice to meet u!! =]