Monday, January 28, 2008

Down Home Comfort Foods

As almost everyone knows, I love a good hearty, savory meal. I often frequent the Vegan Soul Food stall at a local farmer's market and I am really excited about the new prospects for their business. They are going to open a restaurant at some point and I have the feeling that I will be there pretty often during my weekends spent in Oakland. I posted about the food that I get from the stall awhile ago and I think they deserve another appreciation from me.

I love salty food, food that just fills you up and makes the palate smile on a ray of sunshine, the kind of food that you could eat and indulge on and love and eat all day and night. Luckily, making vegan foods that are hearty and tasty are quite healthy and helps maintain my weight and energy and craving for "junk"-type foods.

Potato Salad:

There are a few different types of potato salad that are popular in Europe and North America. The most common being either a creamy salad or an oil-based salad. I recently read that America and Northern Germany both favor the creamy version and Italy, France, Southern Germany, etc. favor the oily potato salad. I can definitely see that this is true because when you see a potato salad in the US it's almost always one made with Mayonnaise (or in this case, Vegenaise.)

I still have to perfect a great version of the Potato Salad as the one I made had a little too much onion for my personal taste.

Italian Vegan Sausage, Pepper, Onion, and Rice Bake:

I love using herbs and spices. You can change the character, flavor, color, and even texture of a dish just by adding a few pinches here and there. I also enjoy a good baked dish. I brought together a few of some of my favorite ingredients to make a super-savory dish that can be enjoyed by all: omnivore, herbivore, or frugivore.

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Shelle said...

Okay. I'll definitely pass on the over onion-ed salad, but the rice dish looks yuuuuummy, and it's dinner time right now so I'm getting hungry. Wanna bring me some?