Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just Add One

I got a package today in the mail and on one of the inside flaps I noticed printed was "B11". It reminded me to take my multivitamins. If you add 1 to B11 you get B12, the only vitamin I can't get from plant-based foods. My multivitamin is geared towards vegans and so it has lots of B12 (actually it has 100 micrograms [that's 1332% of the recommended daily value]). No aenemia here!! It has lots of other B vitamins as well. If you're omni, veggie, or vegantastic you should take your B vitamins because they are the happy vitamins. If you take them long enough you will feel less depressed and maybe even have a more optimistic outlook.

This is me before taking my B vitamins. So so sad.

and this is me after my "B"s:

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pavotrouge said...

oh *lol*! Your vitamin looks a bit bulky and cardboard-like, though ^^