Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Fun

This is a weekend update:

Michelle and Vladi got married in SF, yay! We ate dinner at the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel and I got the Sesame Crusted Tofu with Veggies in a Garlic Sauce. The sauce almost seemed like it was butter-based but I'm really hoping it wasn't. We got these crazy big drinks. We got a couple Scorpion Bowls for four people.

View from 23rd Floor hotel room ^^^

Kai and I made some pan-seared tofu cutlets with vietnamese hot garlic chili sauce for sandwiches.

I was so happy on Saturday because Kai, Jay, and Ronnie just moved within 5 minutes walking to the Oakland Farmer's Market. They have an awesome Vegan Soul Food stand there. I got there late so they were out of mustard greens and lentils but I got the Breaded Tofu Burger and Potato Salad. So damn delish!!

View from Kai, Jay, and Ronnie's apartment. Go Freeway Overpass Activism!!

Lastly, we went to IKEA where they have this awesome huge chair sculpture thingamabob. I'm the Incredible Shrinking Kyle.


pavotrouge said...

aaw, you're so cute on that chair!

Anonymous said...

I like the view. IMPEACH INDEED.

Bryan Roberts said...

I love that chair.

Oh and that tofu burger w/ potato salad looks well yum.