Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Messy Messy Wrap Day

For lunch I made a Spinach-stuffed Bolani Bread with Basil Pesto and Lentil Curry. I've never really had Afghani food before but after today I'm definitely gonna eat it more often. The flavors were so varied but it all came together so well.

I drove by a road sign today that I thought was kind of funny. I made it my motto for the day!!

For dinner I felt like making another wrap-type thing. It came out really messy, but, that's okay. I made a Burrito with Spanish Brown Rice, Black Beans, Green Chiles, Hot Sauce, "Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream," and Avocado. BTW, to make it extra special I grilled the tortilla directly on the stove burner. Thanks, Kai, for that tip.

Well I should be going. A Charlie Brown Christmas is coming on TV. Check ya later.


Shelle said...

Mmm, that wrap looked really good. Food from the East is yuuuummmmy!

Shelle said...

That wrap looked awesome! Food from the east is yuuummmy!

azusmom said...