Friday, December 28, 2007

Fridays Are For Lovers

Or maybe "self-lovers"? I don't know, I'm just happy it's the weekend so I can have a little time to rest and not think about work or the holidays or whatever. I was planning on making Pad Thai Wraps and Avocado Boats for dinner but I decided that I should try that another time...maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend. But look out for it because it'll be soon. I was looking forward to using my new food processor and I found a recipe online for a Tofu Frittata which looked abso-toot-a-lutely amazing so that's what I made tonight. And I got use out of some of my Christmas gifts. Especially my new knife set, my new food processor, and my new kitchen utensils. I wanted the frittata to come out of the oven solid and together, but, unfortunately, it fell apart while I was lifting it out of the pan to my plate. I know for next time that I will cut the frittata into pieces like a quiche or pie before I transfer it to my plate. It didn't retain it's shape but it tasted amazing and here is the big unveil:

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