Monday, December 10, 2007

King Dong

I went to eat at a restaurant called "Herbivore" in downtown Berkeley and I ended up parking right in front of a Chinese place that had a funny name...King Dong. That gives me quite the mental image, haha.

Kai, Jay, and Ronnie had their housewarming party and we all made a great set-up. The apartment was completely transformed just in time before people arrived. They got these great set of lights that I just thought were amazing. I gotta get myself some of those lights.

Tonight I made a Creamy Potato Asparagus Soup. I was hoping that it would turn out to be a new favorite but it ended up just average. I won't display the recipe here because I don't think it's good enough yet. I'll have to change it up a bit next time, and then maybe I'll show you how to make it. It wasn't too bad though. I ended up adding a lot of salt, pepper, and dried dill last minute to make the flavor come out a little more. However, it looked great!!

1 comment:

Shelle said...

I hit the floor laughing about "King Dong!" I must visit it, now.

BTW, your soup, although you said isn't the greatest tasting, looks really, really good!